Library and Reading Room Rules And Regulations

The College posseses a well furnished and up to date library for the use of students and the teaching staff under supervision of a qualified librarian.

It is open to students of the College on payment of library Caution Money of Rs.20.00 refundable.

The Following shall be entitled to use the library.

i) Members of the College Teaching Staff.
ii) Students of College.

The following rules have been laid down for the College library, which will be observed by all concerned.

1) Library Books can be issued only to the students and the members of the Teaching staff of the College.

2) Reference Books or the Books "RESERVED" by the Professors concerned will not be issed to anyone.

3) No Magazine or Periodical will be issued.

4) Text Books and the Books marked Reserved can be issued only to members of the Teaching Staff of the College.

5) Only Ten Books are to be issued to the Staff members at a time for the period as noted on the Due Date Slip. The limit can be relaxed as a special case subject to the approval of the Principal.

6) The last borrower would be held responsible for any missing page(s) or any other famage(s).

7) Only one Book is to be issued at a time to a student for varying period ranging from overnight to fifteen days.

8) Books can be re-issued to the same borrowers only if not deemed by any one less prior to his claim. Such claims are to be registered with the Librarian.

9) A fine of Rs. 1/- per day will be imposed on defaulters if they do not return the book in time. Defaulters who do not return the books even after one week from the last date of return may have to pay fine at a higher rate to be decided by the Principal.

10) The borrowers shall have to pay double price if books are lost or damaged of Rs. 50/-minimum. For rare books the charges may be even more that the double to be decided upon by the Principal.

11) The students is allowed to obtain books from the library only on his own Library Card. In case he is found using another students Library Card for the books, his own Library Card is liable to be forfeited and he may be debarred from using the Library.

12) A Reading Room is provided on the College premises and the bona fide students of the College are expected to make use of the Reading Room and the Library during their vacant period.

13) Strict discipline will be maintained by the librarian in the library and Reading room. Anyone found doing any mischief will be seriously dealt with.

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